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The woman had grown familiar with how androids operated here, though the sparks did cause a knot of worry in her stomach. She prayed it was simply her memory banks sorting themselves out, the sparks a product of the data streams connecting proper. And when Katie’s voice finally reached her again, she couldn’t help but give a soft sob—she knew her name again. Grace’s arms tightened about her dear friend, watery eyes locking with her glowing ones. “Y-you remember now?” She managed, voice crackling between them. “D-do you know who I am, honey?”

"Y-Yes.. I remember.. I remember a lot of things.." She smiled shakily, desperately wiping at her eyes. "I still don’t remember how I dissappeared, but there’s some things people are better off not knowing, anyway.." She looked at her children. They had grown so much older. "H-How old are you two…? The last time I saw you both you were just-" She froze, sniffling. "Max, you look so much like your father now.. How long has it been…"
The man shifted to awkwardly hug his mother. It was true, he did look much like Wheatley, with his big blue eyes and lanky figure. He freed one hand and began to count the years that had passed on his fingers.

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Grace felt warm tears rolling from her eyes, yet made no motion to wipe them away. For a family to find each other again like this—it created an emotional knot in her throat, a relieved smile breaking across her lips. Katie was home, where she belonged; her first steps at recovering her memory proper had been successfully made. And as they held their arms open to her the woman quickly stood, hurrying into their embraces and hugging them all as tightly as she could. “I-it’s okay, Katie,” She sniffed, hand gently running along the droid’s back. “You’re home. That’s what matters now.”

she took a few deep breaths, making herself relax. a dangerous amount of sparks were coming off her, and she did nothing until they stopped, when they did, she wiped the tears off of everyone’s faces and broke the hug. “Thank you so much, Grace.” she whispered, patting the woman’s shoulder.


Grace found herself at a momentary loss, eyes darting between the mother and son. Was it her place to say anything in this moment? But at Max’s desperate confusion, she gave a quick nod—though any words she’d gathered were lost as Katie ran forward, the movement bringing a wave of relief to her. 

She knelt down, hands gently running along Sadie’s back as she watched the reunion. Another nod was given to the teen, her tone hushed for fear of breaking the mother-son moment. “I found her wandering in the halls, sweetie. Something happened—her memory’s been damaged. She had no idea who she was, let alone the rest of us.” Her gaze dimmed at that, hand pausing at the pup’s ears. “I knew if anyone could jog the data banks, it’d be her babies. But be gentle with her, honey—she’s been through a lot, it seems.”

He gave a slow nod, then closed his eyes and hugged Katie a bit tighter. Melody heard the commotion and came out of her room. She was carrying a novel, but it was only in her hands for a few seconds before she dropped it and rushed over to Katie. She was a few years old when her mother disappeared, so it was easier for Melody than it was for Max to identify her. Melody did look a lot like her mother, aside from being taller and very skinny. She awkwardly joined the hug, gesturing for Grace to join as well. "̟͍͙I̮̻̯͘’̥̹̱͇̯̳m ̞̹̳̝̙s̭͖̜̫̬ò͕̦ ̫̻̫̗̰̮̲s̶̬͍̗̝͈͕̭o̶̱̙̠̝͔̻r̠r̕y̸̳͈.̩̘̗͓͔̰.̲̜̬͍ ̭̞̰̞͔̲I͈ ̳͇͙̩̮̬ḓ͔̗i̥͉̣̺͎̟d͖͇̕n҉͎̬’̬̻͖̹ͅͅͅt ̜̼͕͔m͚͙̭͖e̦̹̙͉͍̮aǹ ͉͔̙̟t̩̱̠o͖̙̳͇ ̵̮̝̱̬̳̥̲b̭͔̥̪̗̀e̶̩̭͉̗̥̩̣ ̶͎̙̼̰͉̗a҉w̘̩̙͔̜̙͖̕a̛̯͍͚̩̞̜̦y̨̼̜͍͓̣̙ ͚̹̻̼̹f͚o̰͓̻r̮̺͟ ̀s̹̺͘o̶̲͚̹̬̪̹͍ ͈̯͙͕͚͘l̲̀on̪͇g̻̖̬͚͕̣̬.̸̫͙̲̱̪.̴͕̝̟̱̞͎"̙̹̝̥̫͙


The state of the place brought a wince out of her; was anyone still here? Yet her gaze caught on the snoozing teen, a gentle sigh of relief escaping her at the sight. If he was here, then his sister wouldn’t be too far behind. She couldn’t help but smile along with Katie, wondering at just how tall Max was getting—at least until the lady droid spoke, a rush of alarm sparking in her. “Katie?” She reached out, grasping the other’s shoulder once more. It was a plus that she remembered his name—but that tone… “You alright, honey?”

Sadie looked up and gave an anxious whimper, then a small bark. Max awoke and looked up wearily. "Who-" He slurred,

"WoAH WAIT WHAT-" He paled, looking quickly at Grace, then to Katie, before getting up and grabbing a photo album off a table. He flipped through it until he found a picture of his mother, then studied it. Then he looked at Katie. "Who are.. You’re.. when did you.. What??" He looked hopelessly at Grace. This was his mother.. right? how should he know? The last time he saw her he was only a few months old.

Katie broke away from Grace, then rushed over to Max and flung her arms around him, sparking and sobbing. “Oh God!!! M̡͏̛-̨́̕͟ą̛͟͠x̵̨̀, I- I’m sorry!! I didn’t mean to leave!! I d̛o̡n̷̢͝’̛̀t͏ ̢̀k̸̢nơ̵w w̴͏h̶a͘͝t̴͢ ̛͝h͜ap̵̀p̶͏̵éned̷ ̡I̛̕’̧̕͟m̨͏͠ ͠so͜͜ ̨͝só̧ ̸̷s̷͠͝o͏r҉r̴y̷̢̨..͠͏”̶ She blubbered, her voice glitching horribly. Max hesitated, yet slowly hugged back.


Grace’s eyes shifted toward the door, hand curling in at her side. It’d been so long since either Melody or Max had paid a visit; in truth, the woman wasn’t sure if they would be inside. But for Katie’s sake, she hoped and prayed at least one of them would be around—and that it’d help. “I hope so, though they might be out and about. It’s…it’s been a while, honey.” She reached out at that, hand giving the droid’s shoulder a soft squeeze. “But you’re important to them, Katie. And they’ll want to see you, soon as they can. It’s alright; let’s give it a try, okay?”

When they stepped inside, the first thing to be noticed was that the apartment was a total mess. The second thing was the scruffy teenage boy asleep on the couch with his hand in the bowl of potato chips next to him, and a large, equally-scruffy dog on the other side of him. Katie couldn’t help but crack a smile at that. She walked over closer, getting a good look at Max and Sadie when she twitched, and a few sparks flew from her. “Oh God.. M̬̭͓͔̱̰̞a҉̻̳x̘̫͔̘͙̞̦͝?

"H-Hey! Happy Chrimbo, everyone!"

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